Innovative Solutions for the Digital Government.


CoreAlpha is a government management and technology consulting company that leverages the latest technology to deliver robust, experience-centric solutions for agencies.

The digital transformation in the public sector has changed all aspects of its policy making, operational, and service delivery capabilities. But to maximize the opportunities and limit the challenges and risks it has created, a user-focused approach aligned with the proper process and technology infrastructure must be taken. This approach requires a broad range of capabilities and know-hows, from end-to-end experience design and agile operations to machine learning, cloud-based infrastructure, and application management. 

With our experience and success in designing and implementing these digital-first elements for large enterprises in the public and private sectors, CoreAlpha is your trusted partner in reducing technology capital costs, achieving better user experience, and increasing agility and mobility. Our expertise allows us to achieve a comprehensive view on how an organization sets the proper strategy, how to architect the proper approach for the transformation, and how to systematically and holistically undertake the journey. We look forward to creating tangible value for your organization and your users. 


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Why CoreAlpha


Analytics Driven

We understand that in order to help agencies solve tough problems and be user-focused, our strategies and approaches must be grounded in data analysis. Our management consulting approach gives us a unique appreciation on how to turn data into a valuable differentiation.

User Experience Focused

We have helped large enterprises create user-centered products, services, and organizations to enhance their interactions with their users. With our proven methods and approach, we radically rethink capabilities and interfaces to ensure a simpler, better, and more delightful experience.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our internal knowledge in designing and implementing solutions driving positive impact to people, process, and technology will accelerate innovation within agencies. We bring the latest techniques with deep government and functional expertise to every engagement.



Our Capabilities


Analytics Engineering

Sustainable results start with insights that help agencies make better decisions. We know how to source the most relevant data, apply the most appropriate transforming and modeling techniques, and produce meaningful knowledge to help agencies drive value. 

Application Management

We have expertise in developing, implementing, and managing custom and off-the-shelf end-to-end solutions on major platforms. Our approach ensures the applications we built are scalable, reliable, and sustainable to deliver modern digital experiences to government users.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technologies present opportunities for disruptive innovation as it enables global business transactions with less friction and more trust. With our partners, we strive to be at the forefront of Blockchain innovation and its practical, real world application.

Enterprise Infrastructure

We leverage the latest infrastructure technology in configuration management, continuous integration, and cloud automation to help government information technology thrive in an environment that equally demands innovation and strict regulatory compliance.